Farnworth and Stilwell place first in political donations

When it comes to putting their money where their mouth is, leadership contestants Mike Farnworth and Moira Stilwell come in first place. According to a review of Elections British Columbia filings, between 2005 and 2009 the two of them donated more money to their respective political parties than any of their competitors. Mr. Farnworth contributed $14,625 to the New Democrats while Dr. Stilwell contributed $8,235 to the Liberals.

Mr. Farnworth declined to comment on his generosity. But, for her part, Dr. Stilwell - who was a the head of nuclear medicine at three Lower Mainland hospitals before running for elected office in 2009 - said, "My donations are part of my commitment to support the aims of the BC Liberal Party in any way I can. I believe they are also part of my responsibility to show gratitude for the many volunteers who give so much for the party."

By comparison, front-running Liberal leadership candidates Mike de Jong, George Abbott and Kevin Falcon donated just $7,249 in total - with Mr. Falcon being the most miserly, contributing $855.

But the Surrey-Cloverdale MLA still contributed more than his competitors Christy Clark, who is on leave from her job as a CKNW broadcaster, and Ed Mayne, a Tim Hortons franchise owner and former Parksville mayor.

Neither of them donated a penny to the Liberals during those fours years.

Meanwhile, New Democrat leadership candidate Adrian Dix came in a close second to Mr. Farnworth - contributing $12,931.79.

Behind him: Nicholas Simons who - despite being a long-shot candidate and not even being a member of the party until 2004 - has donated $6,807.11.

"I've always said I joined the party to make it better and I'm in the process of doing what I can," said Mr. Simons, explaining that includes bankrolling the New Democrats.

Fellow long-shot candidate Dana Larsen hasn't been as generous, donating just $2,265 - less money than any of his competitors.

But the marijuana activist also doesn't have a cabinet minister, legislator, doctor, donut shop owner or radio personality's salary.


Political donations from leadership candidates


Moira Stilwell - $8,235
Mike de Jong - $3,917
George Abbott - $2,477
Kevin Falcon - $855
Christy Clark - $0
Ed Mayne - $0

New Democrat

Mike Farnworth - $14,625
Adrian Dix - $12,931.79
Nicholas Simons - $6,807.11
John Horgan - $5,945
Harry Lali - $4,486.28
Dana Larsen - $2,265

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Falcon doesn't need to donate when he's got big business paying the bills.

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