Local politico explains why he's now backing Farnworth

"Adrian is the most left-wing candidate and that's my politics and that's what I liked about him. So that's why I was supporting him. I didn't know about him at all - other than just reading about him or watching him on the news or things like that." In an interview with Public Eye, that's how Port Moody councillor Bob Elliot explained his initial decision to endorse provincial New Democrat leadership candidate Adrian Dix's candidacy. But, as a result of conversations with Port Coquitlam councillor Brad West and New Westminster-Coquitlam and Port Moody MP Fin Donnelly, Mr. Elliot said he became convinced that Mr. Dix's competitor Mike Farnworth is a better choice to succeed Carole James.

"I've known Mike for years and he's a great guy and I like him. But I thought he was a little too moderate for me - for me politics," explained the Port Moody councillor. "But I wanted someone who was going to beat the Liberals. I just wanted the Liberals out of there and I wanted the best candidate for that. I didn't care who it was. I thought, 'I want the strongest candidate.'"

And that, coupled with Mr. Dix's political baggage, is why Mr. Elliot has now decided to support Mr. Farnworth.


So this a reflection on the indecisiveness of Mr. Elliot more than Dix candidacy?

Why would anyone with even a little bit of sense endorse someone they know little or nothing about. Maybe by this time next week the fellow will be endorsing someone not even running

I used to be indecisive; now I'm not sure.

...and why should we care who you are voting for...I will be looking at the candidates and their policy platforms and making an informed decision...

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