Candidate conference call amidst controversy

The provincial New Democrat leadership race became embroiled in controversy last week following complaints about incomplete membership forms submitted by MLA Mable Elmore and individuals who were alleged to be supporters of leadership candidate Adrian Dix. It was against that backdrop that Mr. Dix and four of his competitors - Mike Farnworth, John Horgan, Harry Lali and Nicholas Simons - participated in a conference call with party president Moe Sihota on the Thursday morning, Public Eye has learned. The topic of discussion: campaign decorum.



a) What would we do to listen to Chairman Moe lecture on decorum? It's be like Aggressalise tomorrow lecutring on C-FAX at 1000 Hours about the virtues of socialism or silence... Mary Polak on the virtues of cowardice... Sean Holman on the virtues of a tyrannical grasp of the media...

b) Let's remember this is the BCNDP that wants to conduct itself in a communist fashion. Whoa! Did I say communist? Yes. Communists in the USSR and People's Republic of China normally have an establishment heavily screen their replacements and its far from a free election with heavy intrusions on privacy and free speech. Yet, these guys want to lead? BCLibs believe in free votes, free speech, open race for Premiership and free enterprise.

I know I've had too much Aggressalise Sauce (TM) and doled out too much Mary Polak Treatment so I'll go Winchester and land!

Does this mean that every conference call is communist conduct, a heavy intrusion on free speech and the BC Liberals never have one? Do they know that conference calls are possible? It is so commonplace now that maybe everybody is a new age communist?

Campaign decorum. Good luck with that. Let's see if they can keep it up for three months.

And, really, as a voter, I don't want them to. I like seeing every politician act according to their real feelings. My opinion of Harry Lali actually went up a couple of notches after he was so outspoken about the membership controversy. We need more people to stand up and say when things are wrong, even (or especially) when that wrong has been committed within the family.

I don't want decorum, would rather see and hear fireworks. Nothing like a good campaign implosion to perk everyone up.

So Chairman Mao or is it Moe is talking to the NDP leadership candidates about decorum, do you also think he dared to lecture them on ehhics in politics. Ethics in politics is something that Moe knows zero about as can be seen from his time in government. If the NDP want to try to send a signal that they have changed the first thing they should do is get of slippery Moe.

By communist conduct, I mean the social media spying, the crowing for socialism and the love of big government. That's why there are Chairman Moe jokes.

That will be all. Sometimes less said is more.

I wonder how many times "Not Moe" has been elected to office of any kind by comparison to Moe. This constant hate on for anything related to Moe Sahota is getting tiresome. Are all the BC Liberal backroom boys saints? Then there is the comments that a conference call implies a certain communist tendency. Jokes are suppose to be funny are they not. Ridiculous and moronic don't qualify.

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