Clark policy aligns with arts group advocacy

Provincial Liberal leadership candidate Christy Clark is advocating for a policy that could potentially solve a major problem for arts groups - one of her former husband's clients. Last month, Ms. Clark announced that, if she becomes premier, she'll review the "current governance and funding formula for gaming grants." In a news release, Ms. Clark said she wants grant recipients - "whether it's youth/adult sports, arts groups or organizations working with the most vulnerable" - to be able to "focus on the good work they do and not be in a constant state of flux over their funding."

Arts groups, in particular, have been concerned about that flux. Indeed, Ms. Clark's former husband Mark Marissen is presently working on their behalf, advising the Alliance for Arts and Culture on its advocacy campaign to create a "comprehensive and sustainable arts funding policy for British Columbia." Mr. Marissen first registered as a lobbyist for the alliance in September 2009.


Don't see the harm since this will be a public process, you are rightfully exposing the link and 85 MLAs will get a vote on whatever final proposal there is. Remember... her campaign is about consultation not confronation & cocky maneuvers.

So it took lobbying by her ex. to get her to decide that it was a good policy or is it just a coincidence?

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