Public Eye to provide race commentary for News 1130

Public Eye is pleased to announce we'll be providing regular commentary on the provincial Liberal and New Democrat leadership races for CKWX News 1130 - Vancouver's only 24 live news radio station. Beginning today, we'll be appearing every Saturday morning at 8:30 to give our take on the contests and what British Columbians can expect from the coming political week.


Will you be posting the audio here at PEO?

Will you make sure you post all comments not just the ones you like! You have been lax in this area!

--- ya ,,, like you'll let questions about WELFARTE ever meet your requirement's for a question to the Liberal's...!

When are they going to rais e the rate for RENT ...?

it's still pegged @ 375.oo/month
( if you pay more , your DISENTITKED to any kind of crissis-grant ) like for food or clothing ...!!!!!!!!!

Rent goes up by 4% a year ...?????????
by my welfare cheque is frozen @ $375..oo /month

FOOD ...????? my Food-Budget is still frozen @ 1998 prices ( for 30-day worth of "Bean's & Lentils ) ...!!!!!

---- we hear about people like Patrick Ken-seller ...!

but NOBODY cares ,
about the disabled who can-not work ...!!!!!!!!!!!

--- but if the Media ask's a few question's ...?

we be like seniour's asking for a bus-pass ...??????

------ welfare for the disabled...????? -------

why is this not an issue ...??????


we have little or NO MONEY ,,, a 2% increase on ANYTHING

is beyond our LIMIT ...!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

----- who the FININCIAL GENIOUS NOW ...????????? ---

the liberal's ....???????????????????????


Sean ask the question ....!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

raise the welfare rates for the disabled ...??????

or keep feeding us the FANTASY that we will get a job ...1

------- Freaking sick --------------

A bit harsh folks. If Public Eye says he will be reporting for a radio station let's wait to see what he comes up with. The Liberal race results will be coming up fairly soon and of course the NDP one will not be resolved till April. I believe that radio station has an audio vault so it might be a good place to start getting a take on the proceedings.

--- sorry for my lanuage ...!

I didn't expect my comment to be posted ...!

thank's "Lawson-1945" for what you said

---- sorry Sean ---- it the public ----

Any ways ,,,

can we make raising the welfare rates for the disabled ,
who can't find a job ,,,? ( or work )

as an Election issue ...?????

---- some people are ver poor ...!

we have to share the food-bank with an ever increasing number of those in need ...!

--- Seriously ,,,, ---- people who are disabled ,
will spend ever dollar you give them "LOCALLY" ...!

How can that hurt the ecconomy...???????


they say they are smart ....!!!!!!!!!

let's see how just how "smart" they are ...?

ask them the question ..!
HOW CAN YOU LIVE ON $906/month ,
when your rent is more than $375...?

Your BC-Hydro rates go up ...?
Your BC-telus phone bill goes up ...?
and food goes-up beyond the actual cost of inflation...?



I'd like to see any one of them answere the question,,,

- sorry Sean --- but let's get on with justice

not just-us ...!

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