Public Eye Survey - January 21, 2011 question

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Since Lana Popham isn't on the ballot, I had to vote for her opposite on the classy scale... Moe Sihota.

--- Sean , we know it's a "trick-question" ...!

we all know Moe has to go ...
( to make room under the NDP constitution )

--- Moe is good @ going ...!

Like Cristy-Clark,
he can easily leave one job for another ...!

or no job at all...?????

---- Cristy Clark ...?

how many job's did she quit in the last 10/yrs ...?

if she was on welfare ,,,?????
she'd been kick-off long ago ....!!!!!!!!

BANNED FOR LIFE --- just like real welfare does right now for people who refuse to work FOR A LIVING ...!

ie: Float for one job to another ...!!!!!!!!!

Why is Mickey or Minnie Mouse not one of the options?

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