No "drinks for membership," states Falcon campaign

Kevin Falcon's brother claimed new party members would be given a "complimentary drink" at the event supporting the former health services minister's provincial Liberal leadership bid. But campaign manager Norman Stowe clarified there was, in fact, no "drinks for membership" deal and that Larry Falcon's words were just poorly chosen. At issue: in an email sent to friends and acquaintances earlier this month, the candidate's sibling encouraged them to sign-up as Liberals online or attend a membership drive at the Salmon House On The Hill - which took place this past Sunday.

"Stay for the 2 minutes it takes to become a Liberal member or relax and catch up with old friends, or meet new ones," he wrote. "We will provide a complimentary drink for all new members, a few appetizer's, drinks for kids and The Salmon House on the Hill is kindly offering a 10% discount on your entire bill including drinks, if you would like to stay for lunch."

But Mr. Stowe said the 250 people who came to the event got a drink ticket for beer, wine or a soft drink as they came through the door - before they were asked if they wanted to join the party.

"So there was no 'drinks for membership' or anything like that," he wrote. "Larry probably could have chosen better words but it was, I think, an innocent mistake in wording."

Mr. Stowe also stated his candidate didn't attend the event - which lasted several hours and was "like an open house rather than a formal meeting of sorts."

He added those who showed up were also given an apple. "Not sure why an apple," Mr. Stowe noted.

The following is a complete copy of the aforementioned email.

Larry Falcon's letter

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