MLA has been involved in past controversies

Elmore: "I believe there has been an inquiry into their status." from Sean Holman on Vimeo.

Vancouver-Kensington Mable Elmore seems to be building a record of controversy within the New Democrats. Yesterday, in an interview with Public Eye, Ms. Elmore confirmed membership forms she submitted were among those being investigated by the party - a fact later dramatically illustrated by CTV using video exclusively by obtained by Victoria bureau chief Jim Beatty. New Democrat provincial secretary Jan O'Brien has since decided to process those forms, which were being contested by leadership candidate Mike Farnworth's campaign manager and Fraser-Nicola MLA Harry Lali, a leadership contestant. But this isn't the first time Ms. Elmore - who hasn't yet chosen leadership sides - has been in the hot seat.

During November's contentious New Democrat provincial council meeting, it was reported dissident MLA Nicholas Simons had jabbed his finger at Ms. Elmore, repeatedly saying, 'Do you want to fight?" But, in a Facebook posting, Mr. Simons contended he "received an apology - not from the media, but from the person I was accused of asking for a fight."

And then there were the comments Ms. Elmore made about "vocal Zionists" in 2005. Those comments, which were published in Seven Oaks magazine, became an issue when she ran for public office in the 2009 election. Then party leader Carole James described them as "offensive" and the future Vancouver-Kensington MLA apologized for them.


Great background Sean... good ambush in front of the lunchroom just as Mike Farnworth walks by in hopefully a lined jacket.


Amazing - she could not give a straight answer to a very clear question.

Why is she an MLA if she cannot be clear and straight with the public?

Is this the best that the unions can produce?

Oh, Sean... this whole crisis has now made YouTube part-parody, part-history complete w/ a clip from your video. A very interesting history of the week of sleaze... wow!

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