Food workers union donates office space to Dix

The United Food and Commercial Workers Local 1518 is lending provincial New Democrat leadership candidate Adrian Dix a hand. A spokesperson for the union confirmed Mr. Dix's campaign headquarters is based out of their offices. That space is being donated by the food and commercial workers local - which represents more than 26,000 people and is among the largest unions in the province.


Imagine if George Abbott was operating out of lets say, Terasen Gas company offices.

The amount of whine from the NDP would soar to the heavens.

One wonders if any of the Liberal candidates have others providing space for their campaigns? Does anyone notice, or report such things?

Getting assistance from a Labor Union has always carried a greater significance than getting assistance from a corporation or some business interests. One might well ask the question, "Which group has historically asked for more quid pro quo's for doing so.?" Now note how often Business tax cuts are on the agenda. Then there is the HST shift.

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