James loyalists dominate caucus executive

Yesterday, the provincial New Democrat caucus filled several key vacancies on its executive with outgoing leader Carole James's loyalists. Caucus chair Shane Simpson, deputy caucus chair, Kathy Corrigan, whip Maurine Karagianis and deputy whip Raj Chouhan all sided with Ms. James during the recent infighting that resulted in her decision to resign. Ms. Karagianis's new role is particular noteworthy since she'll be responsible for caucus discipline but was also one of the outgoing leader's most strident supporters. Before becoming a legislator, she served as a ministerial assistant to Moe Sihota when the New Democrats were in government. Mr. Sihota is now the party's president and - like Ms. Karagianis - took a hard-line against the dissidents.


Well Sean, apparently you've torqued off the BCNDP... this tweet from your new enemy:

@RodSmelser: @StrategicThghts http://tinyurl.com/4dm3zu6 Holman hatred of James drips onto anyone who liked her. But is Caucus elect a Bakers12 setup?

Sean, watch your corners and watch your ass. Okay?

Dominate Caucus...so what? What are they going to do now that Carole is gone? Maurine Karagianis also served as ministerial assistant to Harry Lali. What does that mean? In this climate if one was to exercise discipline it might not create a lot of unity and that's the objective here.

Hal, I really think the BCNDP is done for. Its time for the moderates of the BCNDP to reach out to my guy Christy Clark and play, "Let's Make A Deal" while they still can bargain.

A moderate in the NDP making a deal with a reactionary Christy Clark?. You really are removed from reality Josef K.

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