Black says disciplining dissidents isn't her role

Black: "I don't see that as my role." from Sean Holman on Vimeo.

Dawn Black appeared to dodge questions yesterday about whether she thought provincial New Democrat dissidents should be disciplined. Instead Ms. Black, who has been recommended by the opposition caucus to be the party's interim leader, seemed to suggest that issue wasn't her responsibility. Asked whether she would take such action, Ms. Black said, "We made a commitment around the table today, as I said, to work in unity - to work together in caucus solidarity. If there's issues from the past, to move beyond them and work together to expose the Liberal government. And that's what we're going to do." So does that mean no action will be taken? "I don't see that as my role," she replied. "There's a separation I think between the role of caucus and the leader of the caucus and the role of the provincial party."

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