Dix campaign says "some" disputed forms are theirs

Two provincial New Democratic leadership campaigns have filed complaints about a group of membership forms submitted late yesterday. They are alleging that some of those forms didn't have a membership payment attached as required. The complaints were filed by leadership candidate Mike Farnworth's campaign manager and Fraser-Nicola MLA Harry Lali, a leadership contestant. The party's provincial secretary Jan O'Brien is now investigating those complaints - a process that, according to her, will wrap up in the next couple days.

Competing leadership candidate Adrian Dix's campaign manager Gerry Scott acknowledged "some" of the disputed forms were submitted by the Vancouver-Kingsway MLA's supporters. But he said those submissions meet "the standards that have been set" and the complaints "may or may not involve" other campaigns.

"I think the complaints are very vague and I'm not sure what they're talking about, quite frankly," Mr. Scott explained, adding he hadn't seen the disputed forms - which were sealed in a room at the party's headquarters - and "it would be inappropriate for me to do so."

Paper membership forms needed to be submitted to the party's provincial office by five o'clock Monday evening in order for those sign-ups to be eligible to participate in the upcoming leadership vote.

That vote is scheduled to take place on April 17.

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Head office does seem to have a few problems and it should be quickly sorted. Seems a few candidates are concerned about Dix entering the race to clean up a lot of things, hopefully the head office is one place he might look.

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