Disputed membership forms sealed in room

Disputed membership forms in sealed room

Earlier, we broke the news two provincial New Democrat leadership campaigns - Mike Farnworth's and Harry Lali's - had filed complaints about membership forms submitted late yesterday at the party's headquarters. As a result, the room holding those files was sealed. And now Public Eye has obtained an exclusive photo of that sealed room.


I see that Dix's campaign manager is none other than Gerry Scott. Scott botched the BC federal NDP campaigns in both the 2006 and 2008 elections.

Perhaps this matter should now be forwarded to the Keystone cops? Or better yet, Inspector Clouseau?

Clouseau: "Well, Sir, until we meet again in New York, the case is sol--ved."

Is that masking tape?

Gosh that door sure looks secure, even Public Eye wouldn't be able to get in there to look at the ballots. All kidding aside, somebody better sort out this potential problem and really quickly, otherwise folks will start equating the NDP to the badly tarnished Liberals

Avoter... BCNDP = BCLibs... in your dreams.

They're worse.

They want to socialize the economy again.

They want to tax, baby, tax again and are unclear if they'd repeal the HST tax reforms that help business keep jobs.

They also have a serious candidate who wants to legalize grow ops all over British Columbia.

Do I need to continue? Go BCLibs go - the party of liberty!

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