Wildrose Alliance leader makes Vancouver appearance

The leader of a Prairie populist party was the featured speaker at a private event paying tribute to one of Canada's most establishmentarian political figures. Public Eye has learned Wildrose Alliance leader Danielle Smith showed up at The Sir John A. Macdonald Society's annual dinner last Friday. That dinner, which took place at The Vancouver Club, celebrates the former prime minister's birthday.


Danielle Smith do think you could move your party into BC we are in need of another party!

On another note: To all candidates, China has a brand new University built for 2.5 million students,what the hell are Chinese students from HK and China doing here at UBC and other, taking up space from our own asian and caucasian students. Do you people ever think or is it because you lack the brain power, gives us a report and then have the fixer Penny Bellem City Manager of Vancouver to fix it, that is what her expertice is.

I wonder of Danielle Smith met with any BC Conservatives while she was in Vancouver.IT would not surprise me if she did as both the Alberta Wildrose Alliance and BC Conservatives are both right of centre parties attempting to replace unresponsive governments.

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