Leadership race "referee" weighs in on Clark proposal

"I thought it was an unfortunate commitment to make when it obviously hadn't been costed out." That's what Social Development Minister Kevin Krueger told Kamloops This Week when asked about provincial Liberal leadership candidate Christy Clark's proposal to have a Family Day holiday in February. But Mr. Krueger isn't just a member of the province's executive council. He's also co-chair of the Liberals' leadership vote and convention committee - which the minister described as a "referee position." Asked about the appropriateness of commenting on Ms. Clark's proposal, given that position, Mr. Kreuger told Public Eye, "I have a responsibility to make sure there's fairness (between the candidates) and that we don't commit to things we can't do."


Question for Kevin Kreuger and the various candidates: How about not committing to things you have no intention of doing?

Considering Kevin Kreuger also said today Adrian shouldn't get shot, I really think he need not referee this campaign. His Tea Party Angle mouth disgusts me. I nominate Linda Reid for the gig.

Kreuger comes out with some really stupid comments and when all else fails he will offer to pray for you. He gets paid very well, gets shuffled between ministries and makes an ass of himself quite often

Kevin's mouth has always moved much faster than his brain. People have more or less become accustomed to his buffoonery.

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