Month-old group to host all-candidates meeting

Tonight, as first reported by Public Eye, provincial Liberal leadership hopefuls will participate in their first agreed-upon all-candidates meeting. That meeting is being hosted by the Build 2030 Public Engagement Society. Its spokesperson is Hoggan and Associates Inc. consultant Gavin Dew - described by The Canadian Press's Dirk Meissner as a "former Campbell campaign strategist and social media expert." But what else do we know about the Build 2030?

Well, the province's corporate registry states the society was incorporated on December 6, 2010 with its office being Mr. Dew's home address. It also has four other principals:

* Slate West Media owner James Basnett;

* accountant Eric Classen;

* Tim Laidler, a Canadian Forces reservist who recently spent eight months in Afghanistan; and

* Macdonald Commercial Real Estate Services Ltd. land development specialist Matt Neugent.

In an interview, Mr. Dew said the purpose of the society is a "combination of engagement, education and advocacy. How can we equip people with the knowledge and tools to really be effective and informed participants in public discourse?"


I call firsties on labelling them a front organization!

But seriously, they're not at analogous to First Call, not until they claim to be an umbrella group for every millionaire and development co. in BC, anyway.

In Victoria we recently had an alderman by-election candidates meeting run by the Committee To End Homelessness, which really is a crypto-Marxist entryist front group which cynically uses homeless people as a battering ram to get their ultranihilist asocial agenda into the public discourse. BC as colonial occupied territory, more taxspending, more banning of men and euros from workplace, more hating of western civilization, etc., etc.

Anyway. The meeting was supposed to be about homelessness - it wasn't, natch - and not a few candidates complained that the meeting was unfocused and was somewhat of a "jack", in street vernacular, veering off into matters beyong municipal jurisdiction. Point being: not all fur trappers wear fur hats, as Amarillo Slim wisely counsels. Let's see how these guys play out.

Gavin Dew ran Gordon Campbell's constituency campaign in 2009. C'mon, Sean, it says that right on his Hoggan profile.

Brenton: Don't give me more credit than I deserve. I didn't run Gordon Campbell's constituency campaign. I was just part of the team. Dirk's description is a little generous.

Okay, fair enough.

Is Build 2030 planning a similar event for the BC NDP candidates?

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