Farnworth site registered a day after James resigned

"I've had people tell me I should run. All I know is that there are three shopping weekends before Christmas." That's what Mike Farnworth told The Globe and Mail on December 7 when asked whether he would run to succeed Carole James - who announced she would be stepping down just a day earlier. But that's also the same day the Website www.mikefarnworth.ca was registered. This, according to the domain name's WHOIS information. Fancy that! It's expected Mr. Farnworth will soon make his leadership intentions known.


Sean, Mike Farnworth, MLA probably got it for protection purposes. Wouldn't want Dana Larsen's peeps to steal it. Don't read into this that he's gonna run, plz eh?

I can confirm 100% that he is going to run.

I had to present the other side as a citizen pundit, but the scuttlebutt is that Farnworth is going to run. I wish him well.

Hopefully we will also have a return to civility. NOW.

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