Senior opposition staffer leaving for Iraq

Mary O'Donoghue is stepping down from her position as the provincial New Democrat caucus's executive director, Public Eye has learned. Ms. O'Donoghue was named to that position in May 2006. Ms. O'Donoghue - one of outgoing New Democrat leader Carole James's key advisors - is leaving to work for the National Democratic Institute in Iraq.


Good, it is possibly a nicer working environment in Iraq that working for the NDP caucus in Victoria.

Let's just say Mary spent the past 5-6 years bringing a bit of Iraq's undemocratic history to the BC NDP Caucus staff. It's ironic she's seen as someone who can promote democracy anywhere.

That is big, big news. Who would be in line to replace her?

What Oberkorn said...

Also I don't think a socialist who thinks money grows on trees is a good idea for Iraq... I'd prefer to send Kevin Falcon or Rich Coleman now that the country is relatively safe.

I've discovered that the only group that thinks "money grows on trees" in B.C. are the free enterprise folks in the liberal party. You know, the folks selling B.C. as the place for easy pickins. Banks for example. Most socialists know that it takes hard work and money doesn't grow on trees. A fair distribution of taxes is not "money growing on trees." But by all means please send Coleman or Falcon or Clark.

I hope Mary doesn't use BC (or even Canada) as any kind of a model for Iraq, given the democratic deficit we see all around us. The purpose of the National Democratic Institute is to make Irag better off not worse off.

That's a bit rich Advocate...

What a pile-on against the BCLibs! Wow!

It's the socialists who bash business. Yet government only creates jobs with business and consumer revenue as taxpayers. It's also so many of the BCNDP including Carole James that bashed and whined and protested the successful job-creating, glory mine that was the 2010 Olympics & Paralympics. I think I have a point there, Hal.

Oh and this democratic deficit you speak about Advocate... is it because the BCNDP get pummeled by a Harlem Globetrotters of politics where the right and the centre align for freedom? Just askin'.

No Josef K you make the same point as before and it has no more validity by repeating it. Governments which focus exclusively on more breaks for business without any concern for consumers are "missing the boat". That was the effort in the HST. It was ideological but not sensible. What is pointed out as common sense is interpreted by you as "bashing business." That is a self serving interpretation and I would expect it from Phil Hochstein. Most peoplee are more rational.

Today's Globe and Mail states that Mike Farnworth worked on democratic governance programs in Bulgaria, the Balkans and Iraq. Passing the torch to Mary, maybe, or finding a job for her so someone else can be planted in her position?

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