Political parties are screwed up, argues union staffer

"Almost by definition, political parties are screwed up. We've seen it in spades here in the past couple months: the BC Liberals are screwed up; the BC NDP is equally screwed up." That's the lede for United Steelworkers District Three research representative Kim Pollock's most recent weekly editorial, which was distributed internally and exclusively obtained by Public Eye. In that editorial, he is far more damning of the Campbell administration's record. But Mr. Pollock - whose union represents forest workers - also highlights three missteps made by the New Democrats when they were in power: fast ferry cost overruns, "too many parks and a forest-management regime that companies didn't like." Nevertheless, the fast ferries, according to the union staffer, created more jobs and stimulated the economy - just like the New Democrats' effort to generate more value-added manufacturing. "So if you prefer that sort of screw up, the NDP's for you," Mr. Pollock concluded, noting no redeeming qualities in the scandals which have beset the Liberals.

In an interview with Public Eye, the research representative stressed he doesn't think his article is a "critique of the NDP." The following is a complete copy of the aforementioned article, which states the idea for it came from Brian Harder, a district three staff representative.

The Steelworkers is one of three unions that contributed toward the "generous, earmarked gift" which is being used by the New Democrats to pay for party president Moe Sihota's controversial stipend.

Politics is all screwed up - so pick your poison


Isn't that what an impartial media is suppose to be able to articulate: the difference between the screw ups of one option or the other. No, instead we get the media (well MSM) taking sides.

I agree the NDP did alot of screwing up that is why Im not voting for them, I will join the BC Conservatives first before I give the NDP my one vote. Another major screw up the BC Teachers Federation. How do you like that Stephen Hunter, you all talk and no action.

Hunter you forgot to mention your old buddy David Stupage on Vancouver Island,your like Mayor Roberston a collection of wing nuts did they come from your Forest?

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