More than a dozen ex-MLAs backing Clark's campaign

Christy Clark may only have one sitting provincial government caucus member publicly supporting her bid to succeed Gordon Campbell. But 14 ex-MLAs who were elected in 2001 are backing her provincial Liberal leadership candidacy. They include former caucus chair Wendy McMahon, former minister of state for forestry operations Roger Harris and former minister of state for mental health and addiction services Brenda Locke, as well as Lorne Mayencourt and Sheila Orr. The following is a complete listings of those ex-MLAs, which was obtained by Public Eye.


* Roger Harris

* Walt Cobb

* Wendy McMahon

* Blair Suffredine

Vancouver Island

* Rod Visser

* Mike Hunter

* Gillian Trumper

* Arnie Hamilton

* Sheila Orr

Lower Mainland

* Lorne Mayencourt

* Ken Johnston

* Karn Manhas

* Brenda Locke

* Tony Bhullar


Interesting report, Sean. There are many who believe that the first Campbell term was his best and it went downhill from there. The list of ex-MLAs endorsing Christy Clark seem to be MLAs who were in office during the better years. This is good for Clark's credibility as someone who may make change. If she had endorsements from a large number of current MLAs (those mndless Campbell cheerleaders) it would be like having a character reference from the mafia.

If his first term was the best then it was what revitalized the NDP support in 2005. I suggest that there never was a best because it went downhill from the day the squandered the surpluses the NDP left. Just ask the folks in Roger Harris' old riding to get an idea of what has happened there in "Campbell's best term".

There was such intense anger during Campbell's first term in office that the NDP went from two seats to a near majority. Wasn't it Christy Clark as Education Minister who triggered the bitter teacher's strike? She's also made it clear union members are enemies. Doesn't sound like someone who can repair bridges, build support and regain public trust. Likely has baggage from the BC Rail sale that could surface as she resigned soon after the police raids, along with Collins and Reid.

I heard Sheila Orr on some radio station telling the listeners why she was supporting Clarke. Her reasons were laughable. Somebody asked her about Clark's connection to BC Rail and suggested the NDP would like to see her get the job so more questions could be asked about her former husband, brother, and herself.Most of it was over Sheila's head, but that's par for the course.

Clark is sure desperate to want people like Suffredine and McMahon, will we next see the Zalm join her team 9 ( then Clark can claim to have the 3 Stoogies on her side). By Clark having little or no support from the present Liberal Caucus / Cabinet it shows just how shallow she is.

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