BC Conservatives likely to select a new leader in May

Provincial Conservatives will likely be electing their new leader on May 28. Public Eye has exclusively learned that's the date the party is presently looking at to hold its leadership vote. The Liberals and the New Democrats are choosing replacements for Gordon Campbell and Carole James on February 26 and April 17 respectively.


I have heard that a few "big names" have been sniffing around about the potential for leading the BC Conservatives.

May 28? We could potentially be in the middle or near the end of a snap provincial election by then.

The BC Conservatives are really getting their act together. Looking forward to hearing who is interested in the leadership of the party this weekend!

They could be waiting to see who takes over Gordon Campbell in the Liberals tent. There is a good chance that if the wrong leader is chosen by the Liberal delegates, some of the more conservative types currently sitting in the Liberal caucus may decide they need a change of scenery. A couple of defections towards to Conservative Party could serve to show that they may once again be little more than the fringe party they have been over the last number of years. There is even a chance that a defector from the Liberals could run for the leadership of a potentially rejuvenated Conservative Party.

The conservative party is the BC liberal Party. There is no difference between them. The only thing to watch is the progression of events. Campbell screwed up royally and if it looks like the fortunes for the conservatives in liberal clothing don't improve they will try to fool the people by morphing into BC Conservative. Would voters be so easily fooled? It worked once, why not again.

Hal and Crankypants. With respect, you are overlooking the fact that the BC Conservatives are targeting disenchanted voters including the 50% of voters who stayed home in the last election and, by doing so, voted for "none of the above". There is no love between the BC Liberals and the BC Conservatives. Although there could be some "defections" from the BC Liberals to the BC Conservatives, such potential candidates would be viewed with suspicion by the BC Conservative members I have spoken with.

Advocate, obviously you do not follow your own BC Con spoke person's comments. Mr Roy clearly stated in the media that the party is aiming to get the people of BC who voted for Stephen Harper to vote for the BC Conservatives. Hardly trying to tackle the middle and all those disenfranchised voters.

What the BC Conservatives are is a bunch of Johnny come lately carpet baggers who used the strength of Chris Delaney and the Fight HST movement to cash in their successes. Chris Delaney did the heavy lifting for the party in public and Randy White and John Cummins did not like it.

I see now that any leadership candidate will be "vetted" and will have to be of "high calibre" before being allowed to run for the leadership. Who is doing the vetting? Randy White? Good luck with such a anti democratic party.

Hal is correct. The BC Conservatives are the BC Liberals. They saw the party was picking up momentum over the HST backlash, there was a "risk" a leadership candidate they couldn't control in Chris Delaney taking the helm, the sent in their operatives, caused havoc, appointed all their little BC Liberal minions to executive positions.

Now the BC Conservative Party is a vehicle that has been captured by BC Liberal/fed Cons to hold in case the BC Liberal ships sinks and to prevent the anti HST conservatives from taking the helm and leading it to true electoral success.

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