Former television news anchor endorses Clark

Earlier, we exclusively told you provincial Liberal leadership candidate Christy Clark would be rolling out a major endorsement today. As first speculated by The Globe and Mail's British Columbia bureau, that endorsement comes from former CTV News Vancouver anchor Pamela Martin. The above is a YouTube video from the Clark campaign highlighting Ms. Martin's support for the former CKNW talk show host.


So Pamela Martin has traveled throughout the Province and she feels by listening over the years that Christy is best able to lead BC. Pam say's we don't want a group in Victoria just passing legislation. Well Pam, the group hasn't met in the legislature for almost a year now. And as far as listening, it sounds more like you never had your listening ears on as well when you did all those BCTV promo tours.
You see Pam, people like Christy Clark make it sound like they want to talk to the ordinary British Columbian but at the same time they feel it's better to have some so called famous name supporting her. Go figure.

Guy in Victoria

Good on Christy to win a big endorsement and then some today! This just goes to affirm corporate media biases (obviously), but also that BC is in safe hands w/ Christy Clark compared to the socialist threat. Clark does have a new way of carrying on that New Era, let's make it happen!

Also in other #leadbcl news today... Kevin "F-16" Falcon is going down and fighting the recall. After Christy Clark went downtown, but good for him as well.

This is "a big endorsement"? CTV has been fawning over Christy Clark since the beginning after all she's one of the family and has played her role well during her run of the talk show. Then there is the hypocrite Falcon talking about recall now. He sure forgot about his role in recall when it was the other guys.

Hal, its big along w/ the other two tonight namely Peter Legge, Chairman and CEO of Canada Wide Media Limited, , western Canada's largest publisher + @BCBusiness... and Bob Rennie of developer fame are backing Christy Clark (SOURCE). Enough of who's who that people are going to take notice that Clark will listen, but Clark can be trusted by business (compared to the BCNDP). Business confidence is so important to the economy, it's ridicilous to those whom don't follow the business community. Also having the first female BC journo provides some serious wattage too.

Now let's see Hal if you're BCNDP or independent. I think you know how to play this...

Christy Clark, Harry Lali etc etc, BC will be in great hands.

So a bunch of the corporate players endorse once of their own to continue the work of Gordon Campbell and this is news. Business confidence is dependent on consumer spending but they haven't figured that out yet. They just live in their isolated little worlds and rely on the Mass media to keep the masses in line. Why else would someone who simply reads the news think they had any insight on someone who shoots off her mouth on a talk show. Birds of a feather...and all that. No new vision here.


As to business confidence... that's a four-legged stool:

#1. Consumer spending

#2. Optimism about the future

#3. Trust with government - obviously a BCNDP government with so many foaming at the mouth ready, aye, ready to slam business in general can't do that.

#4. Stable regulation & taxation - granted, to be fair, the HST was handled in a quite unstable way but otherwise the BCLibs have been stable, pro-liberty hands.

Oh and Miz Martin is now officially biased, yes. This raises serious questions, yes. But she wasn't just a newsreader but also took on producing roles and an interviewer - both of which require quite a bit of research. BTW, raise your hands if you want a BCNDP government right now? That's the alternative...

So if you don't have the first one then a three legged stool is out of balance and will topple. But according to the BC Liberal think tank you don't need the first leg. Now here we in BC - in the crapper again.

As for someone reading the news being by extension an expert judge of politics, have you ever listened to one of her lame interviews. The use of celebrities to advance a cause is so commonplace, so moronic that I'm surprised anybody still buys into the agenda.

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