Will Bains back a Dix leadership bid?

Earlier, we exclusively reported Surrey-Newton MLA Harry Bains was among those who attended a December 29 event introducing potential provincial New Democrat leadership candidate Adrian Dix to key South Asian community organizers. So does that mean Mr. Bains will be throwing his supporting behind Mr. Dix. Well, here's what the transportation critic had to say when we asked him that question yesterday: "No one has made any decision officially. So I think I'm still waiting. I did attend that function, yes. I think there's going to be a very good group of people - high calibre - who will be coming forward I think. We're still expecting Mike Farnworth, Adrian Dix, John Horgan and Peter Julian - there's a tremendous amount of talent and leadership qualities in those people. So, officially, I have yet to make a decision." Since that interview, Mr. Julian has announced he won't be stepping up to the New Democrat leadership race starting gate.

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At the moment the question is not answerable and none of the folks mentioned are women. Strange way to get solid candidates? For sure, but some inner circle folks cooked up the equality deal that isn't that equal. And when James decides to go enjoy her pension the candidate for Victoria Beacon Hill must be a woman? Is somebody nuts in the NDP? Yes

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