Drug stores to look for government funding?

Sue Paish is presently the chief executive officer of Pharmasave Drugs (National) Ltd. But you may better remember her as a former Insurance Corp. of British Columbia director and member of the controversial 2007 independent commission that recommended a 29 percent base salary increase for MLAs and a generous defined benefit pension plan. So it might be worth paying attention to her call for community pharmacies to help the public sector achieve better and more affordable outcomes in the healthcare system. According to Chain Drug Review, a trade publication, Ms. Paish made that call at a recent forum sponsored by the Canadian Foundation for Pharmacy. The publication paraphrased her as saying if those pharmacies can find a way to do that "appropriate funding will follow. It would be advantageous, Paish said, if the sector could convince governments that pharmacy funding should come from their broader health services budgets."

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Trust all these capitalists to try to tap into the public purse all the while preaching about how great free enterprise is. Every efficiently run public service is also up for grabs. Privatize, out sourcing, it's all part of the mantra to get their fingers in utilities as well. That's where their gravy train is and with enough politicians in their pockets it's less risky than making it in the free market.

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