Clark campaign calls dissed

Clark campaign calls dissed

"You woke my baby up with your very late, automated phone call! It is bad enough to bother me with your propaganda but at 9:30pm? Have you no respect?" That was one of two messages posted on provincial Liberal leadership candidate Christy Clark's Facebook page last night complaining about the automated phone calls coming from her campaign. In response, Ms. Clark has since apologized for those calls, writing, "I will definitely pass this message on to the campaign team as that shouldn't happen."


Call it a win for social media to give a campaign feedback :-).

Employing the same annoying tactics used by telemarketers is really smart politics. Lazy politics maybe.

Hal, at least she's a cool BCLib w/o all this recent history of the leading Opposition party. I think a quick fix via a social media tip should be good enuf in comparison...

Shut the Fuck up Joe K....Can`t you contribute anything besides spittle to any conversation..

Get a grip Holman, the guy brings your site down big time!

Fly a Jet up your Arse Joe...You sick man!

Christy Clark has been shilling for the BC Liberals on her talk show all the time. She's as much to blame for their arrogance and for letting them get away with all their corruption as anyone who sat at the caucus table. Any attempt to now paint her as some pure political virgin with a commitment to listen to the people is a farce. She's got as much baggage as any and being the worst Education Minister is only part of it. Just quit while you are ahead, eh Josef K.

There are all these BC Liberal candidates promising to "listen to the people". However, how many of them have a place on their websites for someone to provide input or ask a policy question?

I'm going to respond very simply by saying that hate speech really has no place here. Shut the f--- up... not gonna happen. I'm a huge Sean Holman supporter and I refuse to give a "win for the bullies" which goes against "any part of my moral fibre".

Also if the BCLibs were really isloated, why are they doing town halls and Christy Clark did an internet chat today w/ the Vancouver Sun? Really?

Off hot.

Not a single BC Liberal contender has ever said that shifting taxes from business and industry on to the average consumer was a bad idea. All they come up with is the excuse that it wasn't "sold" properly. Any person who thinks that business needs a tax break at the expense of the consumer is not listening and frankly isn't as smart as a 5th grader. The whole lot just doesn't get it.

The latest round of announcements from them are a good example.


In Clarkville?

I'm shocked!

Shocked, I tell you!


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