Farnworth rules out being interim leader

Who will be the provincial New Democrats' interim leader? Well, you can cross Mike Farnworth's name off that list. Public Eye has exclusively learned Mr. Farnworth told opposition caucus chair Kathy Corrigan last week he would not be putting his name forward for that job. It's another indication the Port Coquitlam MLA will instead make a bid to be Carole James's permanent replacement. Caucus is expected to make their recommendation on who should be the party's interim leader when it meets on January 19.


Perhaps the interim leader could be... somebody who does pot and acid?

As soon as the interim leader is picked, the contenders for the job of leader will start showing up. Mind you unless Moe or the treasurer leaves, it will sure limit the contenders to "female only".Moe draws a salary, the other guy doesn't so guess who would be pressured to leave. What a way to run a political party.

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