Abbott rolls out new leadership campaign slogan

The People are Coming

The New Year is bringing a new slogan for George Abbott's provincial Liberal leadership campaign. Right now, that slogan is "The Right Leader for BC." But it's being changed to "The People are Coming." That change coincides with an event tomorrow morning at the Hyatt Regency Vancouver where Mr. Abbott will be rolling out "significant new policies and reforms for improving government." The above is a copy of the slogan's supporting logo.


Very hilarious.

Abbott a torch bearer? A populist?

Sir, may I introduce you to such... Christy Clark!

Yeah right. Christy Clark a populist. That's rich. Almost as silly as "The people are coming".

HaHaHaHa!!! If this wasn't so ridiculous it would be plain stupid. Or is it the other way round? At any rate HaHaHaHa!!!

Please BC flush all of the Lib insiders out.

Is Penner's cat still leading the pack?

dailyrasp it's either BCLibs or Socialist Republic/BCNDP crazies. That's BC Politics for you.

Better than being a BC Liberal obsessed and preoccupied with the fortunes of a pot smoking no name not just claiming to be a BC NDP crazie.

Hal, Dana Larsen's the only guy running for BCNDP as of... now. How long does it take to run, really? A weekend to talk it over, or a while if you need a dr5aft campaign. Also the BCNDP also has caucus unity & gender issues that Premier Campbell's selfless & moral resignation has brought to the forefront. It's now all over YouTube....

It'd be one thing if Lana Popham would run. Or somebody else with some moxie and right stuff and class. Guess not... the BCNDP are so incompetent they can't get another candidate out there to knock Dana Larsen off of Topic A. They can't even get an interim leader candidate... and yet they want to run British Columbia among other things.

josef k
i hear you dude. What about the so called conservative parties? Are they all DOA?

Anyone else out there care to weigh in on this?

The People Are Coming - the torches are ready and the tar and feathers are on their way! Next - riding George and his friends out of town on a BC Rail rail! What a disastrous, ill-conceived logo and slogan - sorry - try again George!

These so-called conservative parties need to get a grip... all they have done is split the vote and never gotten a seat in recent times.

Topic A? You are the only one I've noticed talking about his candidacy. I have not found anyone else taking it seriously. What does that say about you?

Hal, Michael Smyth is mentioning this daily on his show. When Dana's the *only* candidate he's a serious candidate. Now if there were 3-5 other candidates, different story. This is a shameful moment to be BCNDP, period.

What do you expect from the MSM. They will do anything to make the NDP sound bad or look disorganized. It has been going on for 9 years why would it stop now? Maybe you should get out more and talk to the folks at the local coffee shop. Like I say, I haven't heard it even mentioned in passing except by you....and you say, Smyth.

The NDP are bad, and disorganized. So are the BC Libs - and I don't see the MSM all over that. The Campbellites at Globall are to imbedded with the Libs to know how to report on BC politics. It's all spin all the time.

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