Winds of change?

In 2010, the number of independent MLAs in the legislature increased from one to four. There was a successful petition campaign against the harmonized sales tax. And the leaders of the governing Liberals and the opposition New Democrats resigned following complaints about a lack of democracy within both caucuses. Yet, there's no indication it will be anything but business as usual in provincial politics this year.

Perhaps the Liberals and the New Democrats believe a change at the top will satisfy the bottom and that you are more concerned with who are their lead players than how politics is played? Or perhaps the Liberals and the New Democrats believe the power they have over the rules of that game, coupled with your own apathy and cynicism, will ensure their continued dominance on the field in the next election.

So here's my recommendation for you in the New Year: prove the province's two major political parties wrong and demand change. Because if you don't, it's quite possible the Liberals and the New Democrats never will.

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