De Jong's shortbread recipe "not-so-secret"

Just before Christmas, Mike de Jong took to the Internet to share with British Columbians "his famous Christmas shortbread cookies recipe." At least, that's how his provincial Liberal leadership campaign described it. But, as the former attorney general himself acknowledged in the cookie baking YouTube video, his shortbread secrets are "not-so-secret." Speaking with Public Eye, the Abbotsford West MLA confirmed the recipe comes from the back of a cornstarch box.

"I always make the cookies. But I've always used the cornstarch box," de Jong said after we noticed the two recipes use exactly the same ingredients and measurements.

"Your intrepid reporter instincts have been confirmed yet again," he continued. "Along with the great Fraser Valley butter it makes for a great shortbread cookie."

At publication time, Mr. de Jong's shortbread video has been viewed almost 1,500 times and been the subject of coverage by CKNW and The Province.


Mike seems to be getting a bit panicky about his attempt to replace Gordo. Instead of Cookies tell us again why somehow the Basi Gang had their court case expenses covered by us BC suckers. The cookies are not diverting that attention

At least he can cook something other than BCNDP in QP... good, and at least Kevin Falcon can read something other than a thick black notebook or play with an iPad :-).

Imagine if this type of sleuthing were used by CKNW and The Province on the BC Rail issue. Baking is the most important skill for a leader of the BC Liberal Party.

It's too bad that de Jong has refused to prepare and cook some amendments to the BC Elections Act to restore free expression and affiliation during BC elections. To advertise on an issue on which any candidate or party has taken a position requires one to be registered under the Act. This makes any "election advertiser" responsible for knowing the position of every candidate on every issue. This is an impossible task and makes a person subject to prosecution under the Act for doing something unknowingly. De Jong knows about this problem but has done nothing. He is hardly worthy of being Premier.

Mike de Jong's shortbread recipe comes from the back of a corn starch box... and his policy ideas seem like they were written on the back of a cocktail napkin.

I mean, the best he can do is to propose that 16 year-olds be given the vote? It just shows how his BC Liberal government is bereft of any real ideas or vision, save for their one-note tax cut/privatize agenda.

Sean when you get a chance please ask Mr de J, "If you become Premier will your government compensate the former residents of Woodlands who left it before 1974 who were excluded from the settlement you signed off on in Dec 2009?"

For background on abuse at Woodlands:

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