Public Eye Survey - December 21, 2010 results

Public Eye Survey - December 21, 2010

If our readers are any judge, British Columbians likely won't be enthused with provincial Liberal leadership candidates George Abbott and Mike de Jong's proposed reforms to the province's political system. Just 2.4 percent of the 202 respondents to yesterday's Public Eye survey ranked lowering the vote age as the reform they'd most like to see to that system - a proposal advanced by Mr. de Jong. But there was even less enthusiasm for Mr. Abbott's proposal to reestablish government caucus committees - the most favoured reform for less than one percent of respondents. By comparison, 43.5 percent of respondents ranked changing the province's present first-past-the-post voting system as the reform they'd most like to see. Loosening caucus discipline was the second most favoured reform for 21.3 percent of respondents.

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This is too small to read. Can't be viewed on the Flickr page either. Since you put a lot of time into this poll, maybe you could post a high-res image so we can see it?

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