Coleman throws his support behind Falcon

Earlier, we reported Solicitor General Rich Coleman was expected to make his provincial Liberal leadership endorsement decision public in early January. But that announcement will instead be made today at 9:30, with Mr. Coleman throwing his support behind fellow caucus member Kevin Falcon. This represents a significant win for Mr. Falcon given the solicitor general has one of the best developed support bases within the Liberals. The announcement is being rolled out at Robson Square Plaza.


God help us all if Falcon wins this contest.

Falcon as Lib Leader means more of the same disasters money thrown about decisions by the present government. Maybe it would light a fire under the NDP so they could take over government and sort out the massive number of bad decisions made by Gordo and crew

Kevin Falcon is a winner and he like Danny Williams former Premier of Newfoundland will make British Columbia proud. Coleman smells a winner in backing Falcon.

Falcon is no Danny Williams. Not even close. Danny Williams kept the province's interests first and foremost. Falcon still thinks the province's interests are the same as corporate interest. Big difference!

Hal, you are so full of it! Kevin Falcon is not a corporate boy, he's one of us. A dad, a man big enough to admit it was a bit... much to compare Christy Clark to the BCNDP. A man big enough to stand up to the BCNDP and their love of pot & infighting & socialism.

Yes, go Christy go... but quit shooting at our people! The team is back and we're gonna so stop the BCNDP in 2011, the new 2001!

After all, Kevin Falcon's name is kinda clear of BCRail. According to Alex Tsugumis, "he was the only Minister who when he was told the Roberts Bank transaction was tainted (Bruce Clark was given the RFP draft by Dave Basi) Falcon immediately canceled the whole thing".

Kevin Falcon clear of BC Rail? You must be joking or you are inhaling to much. He was there at the time, said squat, and he is clear? They are all part of the same crooked bunch that lied about BC Rail to get elected and lied about the HST. He's one of us? cause ...get this ...he's a Dad... can anybody really be so myopic? The whole sordid Liberal lot are as tainted as their soon to be gone leader. And, not a moment too soon. There isn't a single liberal among them...well maybe George Abbott but these corporate shills will soon get rid of him as they got rid of Wilson.

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