Clark and NDP share talking points?

"You cannot make fiscal policy on the back of an envelope. It's just not responsible." That was one of provincial Liberal leadership candidate Christy Clark's key messages during a recently posted Web video on fiscal responsibility. That statement is an echo of her campaign launch, where she promised, "Just as I'm not going to announce an HST policy formed on the back of an envelope, nor will I do the same with the major challenges facing BC." But Ms. Clark isn't the only one to have used such messaging. The following are some examples.

"It's just like any other policy where the Premier is probably sitting down for a cup of coffee somewhere, and he realizes, 'Gee, I better do something,' and on the back of an envelope he decides to put a few notes together, gives it to his ministers and says: 'Go make a policy.' Then they come back with a policy. It's supposed to be a major policy."

- Fraser-Nicola MLA Harry Lali, March 25, 2010

"Did the Premier, did this government, anticipate that it was going to compensate local governments for the gas tax? It said again and again, 'No, no, no,' but as he gets into trouble with it, he goes to the UBCM. On the back of an envelope, just like the announcement on the Coquihalla, he thinks of it. He announces it, and then he expects to come in here and do a fix for him. He won't even put it on the next year's budget. He'll put it into this supplementary budget."

- Columbia River-Revelstoke MLA Norm Macdonald, February 19, 2009

"The NDP's favourite sound bite last week was that Premier Gordon Campbell's economic stimulus program was sketched out on the back of an envelope."

- Black Press legislative bureau chief Tom Fletcher, December 1, 2008

"What it tells me is that the government has failed in this area, that the government has no plan in this area, that the government was making this up as it went along, that the minister and the Premier wrote out this plan on October 4 on the back of an envelope..."

- Vancouver-Kingsway MLA Adrian Dix, November 2, 2005


Respectfully, Sean this is silly comparing Christy Clark to the BCNDP. The BCNDP when in power has a track record of tilting left and spending like crazy... especially in the Glen Clark years one Adrian Dix was a part of. Christy Clark, on the other hand, stood up to the PacifiCatastrophe and capped education spending but didn't make any cut in the amount of funding during some rather tough years...

Boy she is so old school! :-)

Maybe some of the language is the same but the "Mouth that Roared" has no equal when it comes to regurgitating whatever inane message the liberals have spun over the years. Never confuse a small mind with facts.


a) Mouth that roared? Nope, the Roar of the BCLib Cause is back! Not Roared, Roars!

b) I take it you are BCNDP. So when you attack Christy Clark, I just smile and cheer like the Canucks or Seahawks have scored.

Off hot.

Do you ever just listen to the vacuous nonsense that comes out of her mouth? Even Vncouverites learned better.

Wow, Hal, you know how to make a BCLib Fan happy. If Christy Clark spouted nonsense... she wouldn't lead the polls. Hey your party has a leadership candidate spouting something psychidaelic... Dana Larsen who was recently on Michael Smyth's show - also on iTunes. Enjoy!

Also Hal, it's Vancouverites. Tsk, tsk, tsk.

The reference to "your party" is an example of how you and some Vaaaancouverites must be hungry for more vacuous rhetoric on the campaign hustings from a mouthy talk show host who can't ever get her facts straight. I belong to no party which lets me see a bunch of liberal spin for what it is and most of your posts Josef K are just a repeat of the liberal message box rhetoric. History has refuted almost all of it. Not being a party hack doesn't mean I'm brain dead or that I have to rely on Christy for my information.

And, that is "Psychedelic". S.A .

Hal, I'm not really a Vancouverite and I don't want rhetoric. Therefore I'm not supporting the BCNDP, where Lana Popham had the gall to help knife Carole James and spew rhetoric about how bad the BCLibs are for agriculture but lacks the moxie to run for BCNDP leader. There, that's vacuous rhetoric.

No wonder so many claim to be no party... one is too strong, the other is too weak or should I say high? Off hot.

You never did support the NDP Josef K. so where does this sudden defense of Carole James come from. I've logged on to the Publiceyeonline for the past few months and never bothered to register to make comments. Every time I saw one of your posts lauding the liberals and critical of the NDP I thought, "Now here is a non partisan contributor?" So please don't pretend to offer non-partisan advice advice to anyone. If Lana Popham is not running for the NDP leadership what is the comparison to Christy (The mouth) Clark? Christy is the subject here. Finally are you really going to suggest that the BC Liberals do not spout vacuous rhetoric almost all of the time? Why do they now promise to listen to the voter? Why are they running scared, like a pack of dogs, from any suggestion of BC Rail Inquiry?

Anyway, I've made my point and I really have better things to do than debate you. Readers have enough on which to base an opinion.

Hal | December 22, 2010 12:17 PM

I wasn't defending Carole, I was making a point about the lack of guts in the BCNDP. At least BCLibs when you talk the talk, you walk the walk like Christy Clark and get in the good fight (with a nice draft). Unlike the BCNDP that like to talk, but not do!

I am not nonpartisan. I love the sweet sounds of jet noise, Alise Mills, Mary Polak, and Christy Clark as we have air superiority over the BCNDP.

Also today Alise Mills called for a BCRail Inquiry. We're not running scared, we're proud here on this side.

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