NDP weighted vote proposal ruled out of order

A proposal that would have given more of a say to rural ridings in choosing New Democrat leader Carole James's successor has been ruled out of order, Public Eye has exclusively learned. Like the Liberals, the New Democrats have a one-member, one-vote leadership selection system. But, last month, the Liberals' provincial executive recommended changing that process by "weighting the results through a point system to ensure each electoral district is counted equally." That recommendation came following concerns the existing one-member, one-vote system would favour candidates with support from more populous, urban ridings. But, yesterday, New Democrat president Moe Sihota - while chairing a meeting of the party's governing provincial council - ruled a proposal to use a weighted vote out of order. The ruling was challenged but upheld by a majority of council members. Asked about the matter, party communications officer Michael Roy stated, "I don't think we're going to comment on the content of the meeting. The (news) release summarized the decisions that were made and how we're moving forward." The specific reasons for Mr. Sihota's ruling and council's support of it remain unclear at publication time.


Having just listened to your panel roast the BCNDP for their farcical configuration for their leadership race on iTunes, this just makes me wonder how sweet it is to be a BCLib fan!

One person one vote is the way it should work. By the way, the Liberals have been totally mislabelled. This is a conservative government. BC needs a true liberal party.

Aw, shucks, this breaks my heart. Just kidding, it means that the NDP will be held hostage to whichever greedy self-interest group can hijack the democratic process most ably, and will elect the candidate who panders the most and writes the most IOUs. The fail, it is systemic.

It should be one member one vote but minimum membership fees should be more than the $10. They also need to get rid of any gender politics. There never has been anything (gender or ethnicity or sexual orientation) in the NDP Constitution that limits anyone from contesting a constituency position or even the nomination. It is time to get rid of petty gender politics.

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