The questioning begins

The race is now on to elect a successor to Carole James. But its rules remain unclear. In 2003, the provincial New Democrats adopted a one-member, one-vote leadership election process. However, despite pundit David Schreck's urging last year, no regulations for that process have been developed. So, when that happens, will the New Democrats follow the Liberals' lead and give more of a say to rural ridings within that system? Meanwhile, others are wondering if the entrance fees and spendings limits for leadership candidates will be increased - having been pegged at $3,500 and $150,000 respectively in 2003. And what about the date of leadership election itself? Only those who have been party members for at least 90 days can cast a ballot in that election. So an early date would mean Ms. James's replacement would be chosen by the party's existing rank-and-file.


An early date would be a disaster for the BCNDP... and just tempt Premier-elect Christy Clark to drop that writ so fast...

If the NDP inner circle has any smarts, they will have a Interim leader before Christmas of this year, and start gearing up really quickly for a all member vote just after some Liberal retread gets the job of replacing King Gordo. The policy has been accepted so get some regulations real quick. Dave Barrett is actively searching for funds and mentions " snap election" in his letter. Dave is a good money collector and if he suspects an early election, we should expect to see an early election

Sean, this gets even more interesting. The engineer behind fixed election dates just told The Globe And Mail...:

“The people of British Columbia, in 2009, did not elect any of the five candidates to be premier,” Mr. Plant noted in an interview. The BC Liberal Party will choose its new leader – and B.C.’s next premier – on Feb. 26, and the next scheduled election would be held 27 months later.

“So there is a gap in democratic accountability that sometimes has to exist, that’s just the way the process unfolds,” Mr. Plant said. But, he added, the law does offer the flexibility should the new premier decide to seek a mandate from voters.

“People can debate the politics of it, the reality is none of the five leadership candidates will be able to go into the legislature and look at the assembled members and say that they have a mandate directly given to them by the people of British Columbia to lead the government.”


Well the BCNDP just got their stuff together... well, not exactly.

*"voted to hold a leadership election on April 17, 2011"
*"Individuals must be members of the BC NDP for ninety days prior to the Election Day in order to be eligible to vote in the leadership race."

Gonna make it hard for candidates to recruit people to their Not New, Not Democratic and Not a Party. You don't need 90 days to register people to vote in a general election on either side of the border... more like 15-30 at most. I'll stop there...

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