Loose Fish - December 16, 2010

Sixteen MLAs still have yet to choose sides in the race to succeed Gordon Campbell. This week saw Pat Pimm declare his support for provincial Liberal leadership candidate Kevin Falcon. But, as before, many heavy-weight cabinet ministers are still staying out of the fight. The following is a complete copy of our updated loose fish list.

George Abbott

Murray Coell
Eric Foster
Randy Hawes
Kash Heed
Gordon Hogg
Richard T. Lee
Norm Letnick
Don McRae
John Rustad
John Slater
Jane Thornthwaite
John Van Dongen

Christy Clark

Harry Bloy

Mike de Jong

no caucus supporters announced

Kevin Falcon

Iain Black
Stephanie Cadieux
Ron Cantelon
Dave Hayer
Doug Horne
Rob Howard
John Les
Pat Pimm
Mary Polak
Joan McIntyre
John Yap

Moira Stilwell

no caucus supporters announced

Loose fish

Donna Barnett
Bill Barisoff
Pat Bell
Shirley Bond
Ida Chong
Rich Coleman
Marc Dalton
Colin Hansen
Terry Lake
Margaret MacDiarmid
Mary McNeil
Linda Reid
Ben Stewart
Ralph Sultan
Steve Thomson
Naomi Yamamoto

Leadership vote and convention committee members

Kevin Krueger
Barry Penner


FYI, Sean: MLA Chong has said she won't back anybody during the recall fight she's in (SOURCE - last paragraph). Even though [insert fav fancy title here] Christy Clark recently led a counterattack in that riding against the Recallbots. No other leadership campaign so far has the moxie to help fight back... even Mr. Total Recall Kevin Falcon himself is not in the fight as of now. We'll see if that changes...

Having backed Ida Chong in the "recall campaign" where would it leave Christy Clark if Ida Chong is booted by the voters in Oak Bay-Gordon Head?

Advocate, as a hero.

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