What do George Abbott and Rob Ford have in common?

The company behind Rob Ford's successful Toronto mayoral campaign is now working on George Abbott's leadership bid, Public Eye has learned. Campaign Research Inc. - which, until recently, included Mr. Ford's now chief of staff Nick Kouvalis - designed the mayoral candidate's campaign plan and was responsible for his voter contact operation. And now the company is doing the same kind of contact work for Mr. Abbott, according to emails seen by Public Eye.


Two very different campaigns... I don't think Ford's people can pull it off. Honestly.

1) Very different to run a Mayoral campaign when the people are torqued at Ont NDP Mayor versus a BCLib Premiership Race with heritage, polls and this being sign-up contest.

2) George Abbott is a nice guy. Rob Ford is blunt, at best.

3) Christy Clark is well in the lead, a lead padded by allied forces and questions swirling around Kevin Falcon's electability and over-the-top aggression and endorsements by many, many insiders (some of whom, yes, I'd love to go dating with).

4) Most people don't know who George Abbott is.

5) Campaign teams aren't as valuable in a leadership campaign as the star power of the candidate. I fear they'll blow out George Abbott!!

George Abbott has been in politics for 30 years, the last 10 as MLA and serving in high profile cabinet gigs. He had name recognition when Falcon and Clark were still wearing Huggies. Yep, two very different candidates and campaigns, but even Ford's critics concede his team ran an outstanding campaing, so I'm thrilled to hear they are on board the Abbott Express.

Clunk clunk. That's the sound of the wheels falling off Clark's campaign with the latest BC Rail disclosures. That aside, I don't see her being a strong campaigner and her Family First shtick is already irritating people. She has one single caucus supporter, Abbott has the most MLAs supporting him (12). I like Falcon but he has his critics too, and Abbott gains on both Clark and Falcon when second choice is factored in. I've seen Dion and McGuinty and Mulroney and others come from behind to win for this reason.

George has been in this business for 30 years, he doesn't make many mistakes, and that's a guy I expect to run a good campaign. I accept he's behind at this point but he is such an outstanding candidate that I believe he will only gain support. Abbott FTW!!!!!

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