The cost of a snap election

Yesterday, speaking with reporters in Victoria, provincial Liberal leadership candidate Christy Clark suggested she might call a snap election if she becomes premier. But Ms. Clark could run into some significant opposition from her own caucus depending on the timing of that election call. The reason: legislators must serve for six years to be eligible for their pension plan. So anyone elected in 2005 and defeated in a snap election that was called before May 17 wouldn't qualify for that plan. Fancy that!


That would be great, why do they deserve a pension when they have done abosulety nothing and lied to british columbians, Ida Chong for example does not deserve one penny in pension.

I really think the election will be called in the fall of 2011. Here's why:

#1. David Shreck pointed out on his website the time Elections BC would need to spin up last night.

#2. Christy Clark may want to kill the HST in the legislature first.

#3. The BCNDP are in the midst of choosing a new leader and to make them run on a temp leader is something only people too cute by half would do. @BCLobbyist is warning against it, @GracieStyle was first for it.

#4. A budget will be needed, as well as a new Throne Speech. New Premiers like those kind of toys... oops, things.

#5. The MCFD Minister - hopefully one Mary Rose Polak on probation - will have to QB some serious legislation. "Government is working on such things as an overhaul of the Family Relations Act and wrongful death legislation" (SOURCE).

Well said Sean!

A wise organizational guru once said that leadership means "eating last". However, the reverse seems to be true in BC politics with MLAs voting themselves large increases in salary and a platinum plated pension that has the taxpayer contributing $4 for every dollar contributed by the MLA. History tells us that BC MLAs can be counted to "eat first" so first term MLAs will put up fierce resistance to a new Liberal leader calling a snap election.

I really don't care for the crapfest on MLAs here in the comments. Many MLAs have to put their professional lives on hold to serve - like Kevin Falcon the developer, Lana Popham a farmer, Rich Coleman a RCMP cop, Nick Simons a public sector exec & professor, Shame Simpson who's been a bit of a journeyman and of course the Hon. Mary Polak who rose from child poverty to being a maid team campaign & Molly Maid to COO of a polling firm... sorry, but these people deserve some financial security & some dignity for serving. Being a MLA is full time + overtime job if done right.

Oh and Ken... quit crapping on MLA Ida Chong. She does a fine job for the riding, that's why they reelect her and why so many stand with her and Christy Clark against the recall by the far-right w/ BCNDP covert aid.

It's interesting that, especially given the fact that Ms. Clark (as reported by Andrew MacLeod in The Tyee) ducked a scheduled sit-down with reporters after the BC Rail warrant story broke and then uttered the snap election comment on the fly during a streeter, that more folks aren't seriously considering the possibility that this was nothing more than a little bit of deflector spin flung into the madding crowd.

I mean, clearly, from that perspective, the snappy, shiny, spinning object worked.

Specifically, the only reporter I heard/saw/read who mentioned both the snap election stuff and the BC Rail issue in the same piece yesterday was Jeff Davies of CBC Radio.


Pointing out the "hog wallowing" of MLAs does not constitute crapping on MLAs. Expecting $4 from the taxpayer for every dollar of MLA contribution hardly constitutes self sacrifice on the part of MLAs who supported this legislation.

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