Firing up logging contractors

Earlier, Public Eye reported the provincial government money that's been used to fund local wildfire protection activities has run out. The government hasn't immediately committed to continue funding those activities. But independent legislator Bill Bennett thinks the province should also make policy changes that would encourage logging contractors to remove the kind of non-merchantable timber that - if left uncleared - could increase the chances or severity of such a blaze. In an interview with Public Eye, Mr. Bennett explained the government could say to contractors, "'Okay, this area of forests next to this community needs to be cleaned up. There's not a lot of merchantable timber there - certainly not enough for any reputable logger to want to go in there. But we'll give you whatever merchantable trees are there.' Right now, they don't do that. They can't do it. Their own rules prevent them from doing that.' That's the sort of out-of-the-box approach that I think would really help them and would be less money coming from the taxpayers."


Bennett should go on a long long one way walk!

I'm actually on the other side of the fence. If giving some loggers access to the few good trees left in the stand as compensation for them cleaning up a old site or potential fire hazard area, then all the power to them. The environmental implact will be lessened, reforestation can immediately be initiated, and our environmental impact will be kept more in check. With a forest industry still in trouble it is ideas like this that will keep people working

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