Every vote counts

Don't discount provincial New Democrat Fraser-Nicola Harry Lali's potential bid for the party leadership. Last Tuesday, in an interview with CHNL, the former cabinet minister confirmed he was giving active consideration to such a bid - a position he firmed up today in a news release. But, even though Mr. Lali isn't considered a frontrunner in the race to succeed Carole James, it's possible he could mobilize a large voting contingent as a result of his connection to the Indo-Canadian community - a major advantage because of the New Democrats' one-member, one-vote leadership voting system.


BC Liberals and many,many others would relish Harry Lali's entry into the NDP leadership race. Harry has a record of promising everything and delivering nothing, while jumping onto any band wagon to take credit for someone else's work.

But the happiest of all would be the staff at the Harry Rosen men's clothing store in Pacific Center. Harry Lali spends more time there than in our communities and the legislature combined. No wonder he insisted on keeping the MLA raise which was opposed by every other NDP caucus member- have you seen the prices at Harry Rosen?

Harry Lali- don't go another step further. I support you for the next leader of the NDP. And that's for Damn Sure!!!!!

Lali only loves Lali, his ego knows no limits.

Chris O'Conner You are so right about the NDP MLA's being opposed to the raise in pay before the election, they very quickly after the election took this raise and are now happily at the trough. Pigs??

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