Blair's blessing

Blair Lekstrom has told Public Eye he had no plans to endorse Rich Coleman if the solicitor general entered the provincial Liberal leadership. In fact, he's not even sure he's going to be throwing his support behind any of those looking to succeed Gordon Campbell. "If all of the people that are running are capable of doing the job in my mind and all of them are addressing the issues that I left for, then I'm not sure I'm going to go out and say, 'Here's where I'm taking my support.' I mean, I never asked to be in this position. It's a funny one to be in. I just don't find myself wanting to pick one friend over another friend," said Mr. Lekstrom.

"My understanding Rich, if he was announcing, was then going to come up here and meet with the constituency here and, obviously, meet with myself. But there was no formal 'here's why I'm going with my support.'"

Indeed, Mr. Lekstrom pointed out, "I have George Abbott up here today, Mike de Jong tomorrow, I believe Moira has been here already and certainly I believe Kevin and Christy will be attending here in the future as well."

"I mean, obviously, Rich is a friend," he continued. "He's more than capable of doing the job from my from dealings with him in the ministries he's served in. And I do have that feeling about the others as well."

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