A bad prediction

If Carole James doesn't step down as leader, the provincial New Democrats won't win the next election. That was the subtext of the statement Vancouver-Mount Pleasant MLA Jenny Kwan released two weeks ago after almost two months of party infighting. Now that Ms. James has resigned though, some of her highest-profile loyalists are making the opposite argument, predicting the New Democrats will lose the next election as a result. But these statements are, in many ways, more damaging to the party that anything Ms. Kwan has said because they provide no means for the New Democrats to escape such a fate.

Even worse, though, are those who appear to be trying to drive Ms. Kwan - and perhaps all 12 of the dissidents - from caucus. In the media, this is what we call giving a story legs, providing the major media outlets with yet another opportunity to put New Democrat infighting on their front page or at the top of their newscast. But the fact some members of Ms. James's so-called brain trust don't seem to have figured this out perhaps prove they're right - that the New Democrats will fail to form government in 2013 or whenever the next election is.


Now that you said it in nicer words, I can say what I think. There is no moral equivlance between telling a leader to step down from leadership and telling a MLA who spoke out to quit the caucus and possibly the legislature. I just don't get that except as the ranting and raving of small-minded BCNDP...

The BC NDP's fate was sealed when Bob Simpson, Jenny Kwan and the other dissident MLAs launched their crusade to force Carole James to resign. They have caused deep divisions in the caucus and the party which may never heal. How can a party destroyed from within fight an effective election campaign no matter when it is held? And if the new leader does not find a way to have the Baker's Dozen take responsibility for their back-stabbing of the former leader and the party's governing Provincial Council, then resentment will continue to fester. If Kwan and her gang thought the NDP's troubles would end when they got rid of Carole, they must realize now they've opened a whole Pandora's box of new internal problems that will not easily disappear. They should have thought through what the outcome would be before they started their coup d'etat.

The way I see it, this would never would have happened had Carole gone to her caucus before she announced she would continue to lead the party in the 2013 election. She didn't have the good sense to go. And all this hogwash about her building the party back up is just so much ego fueled hubris. The grassroots of the party and the MLAs who were elected built the party -- James did no more than any other New Democrat. To suggest otherwise, ignores the hard work of all the people who worked hard for two successive elections. Those people heard plenty from the electorate. James had to do and her ego just wouldn't allow that. She deserved the push and should have extied with much more grace and far less vitriol than she did. Stop blaming the dissidents and do some personal reflection, Carole. You will find you are not so innocent.

Diane -- your comments are just not accurate. The Leader of the BC NDP has been elected by the members at a convention and does not have to go to their caucus to ask for permission to remain as Leader. Carole was elected by the NDP members at a convention in 2003. Subsequent conventions were held in 2005, 2007 and 2009. At the 2009 convention, it was decided that a leadership review would be held at the following 2011 convention (it was assumed at the time that this would be 18 months before the next provincial election). No one at the 2007 or 2009 conventions publicly asked for an immediate leadership convention, including the 13 MLAs who a year later decided to force Carole out by publicly humiliating her. No one, including Carole, ever said that the party's increase in elected seats was due only to her. But there is a great emphasis on the party leaders these days and her solid victories over Gordon Campbell in televised debates in the election campaigns of 2005 and 2009 certainly enhanced the NDP's chances. The 13 dissident MLAs have thumbed their noses at our party members and our governing structures -- the provincial council and conventions. How will the party ever function as a cohesive group again if we allow a minority to push out the leader with bullying and intimidation? How can a new Leader ever bring our divided party back together if Jenny Kwan and the rest are allowed to subvert the members' will and then just continue on as if nothing happened?

Giving a story legs? This concerns you Sean? I wonder why since you worked hard to do the same thing.

Why did you not report on how those involved in the putsch ignored the constitutional measures available to them within the NDP constitution. Or that the disloyal individuals were attempting to exercise oversight authority that is vested elsewhere by the members' rules.

Perhaps you can explain how a broad member based organization can see its mutually agreed rulebook tossed in the bin and then proceed as if it continues to have an operating structure.

You seem to suggest that any ad hoc power play should be accepted once done. I don't see how the party can function during the next crisis.


I really shouldn't break up the BCNDP suicide... but man, Christy Clark made hay of this infighting this morning. Alise Mills & a lot of pundits are saying look at the difference... BCLibs are peaceful and policing each other, BCNDP are still fighting over about how great Carole James is - the same Carole James that resuscitated Moe Sihota's political career & got caught in lies or misinformation in 2009 over the campaign.

This is going to make the BCNDP have some egomaniac who just believes water will part for him or her at this rate...

Linda, Farrell, who cares about Joe from Langley.

A few voices of insanity.

Does anyone thing there is unity in the BC Liberal caucus?

Gordon was given his hail mary pass, a televised speech and tax cut, when it failed he was told to leave, had Campbell refused he would have been tossed out...

Gordon Campbell recognized that, Carole James did not.

Funny stuff, Farrell and Reid playing footsy with the BC Liberal PAB who are stoking the story.

How does that saying go...

"Brilliant minds think alike, or idiots seldom differ"

So h.i.c. Alise Mills is BC Liberal PAB for being a torch bearer extraordinare for the BC Lib Cause?

So what say you on trying to give legs to the dead story called BC Rail?

So Gordon Campbell people still screaming about his resignation? I can't hear them... :-). But I can hear all those people fighting over Carole!

Intolerance. It's a left wing value.

Ms.James finally caught on to the fact that a good number of the caucus had no faith in her ability to win an election. Plus the average voter, It wasn't that hard to figure it out as she had lost two of them as leader. I care not what the party constitution says, I simply care that the leader didn't bother to talk to her own caucus before deciding she was staying on, hadn't got around to telling her caucus mates that a ex politician was getting over 70 thousand to be the party president, even though earlier party presidents did the job for free. That she had kicked a pretty good critic from the caucus, and then wondered why folks were not pleased with her performance.I heard Holman on CFAX today ( Monday)talking about her leaving and making it much more difficult for the rest of the elected folks to come together and win the next election. And for the few NDP supporters of James, cool it folks, she is on the way out the door with a darn good pension, and if she decides to sit in the back row till next election, a darn good paycheck as well Her theme song sounds like something out of Evita, where she is there for everyone but herself.Lots of us manage to live on limited or no pensions, and none of us get to set the terms of salary or pension benefits. Sure it's hard work having to listen to the great unwashed but the pay is pretty good, and if necessary they can and will raise it some more.
I don't often agree with the other poster here, Josef but agree with his comment about Gordos people are pretty quiet about his leaving but folks are still rattling on about James getting shoved. One heck of a lot of lefties are quite pleased to see her gone, or at least part way out the door,

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