It's the law!

"This is a half-million dollar venture we're embarking upon. But I want you to know this: I want people to contribute. I want people to help. But, when they do, we're going to disclose that information - just like in an election. We want people to contribute. But we want the public to know who's helping us. There will be full disclosure as part of this campaign." That's what Mike de Jong said last week, when he announced he was running for the provincial Liberal leadership. But, in an email, Elections British Columbia spokesperson Don Main confirmed every candidate running to succeed Gordon Campbell must "file a Leadership Contestant Financing Report within 90 days after a leader has been chosen." In other words, Mr. de Jong appears to be promising something he's already required to do by law.

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I thought Mr. De Jong would have read up on that being a lawyer and all... no wonder he has -18 net negatives in the latest poll + w/ a costly plea deal he didn't step in to stop, he's just a liability.

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