Public Eye Survey - December 7, 2010 results

Public Eye Survey - December 7, 2010

A majority of respondents to Public Eye's first reader survey described Carole James's resignation announcement as being more embittered than graceful. On a scale of one to six, with one being embittered and six being graceful, 62.7 percent rated that announcement between one and three. By comparison, 37.4 percent of respondents described the speech as being more graceful than embittered.


I only (was able to) vote once. I really think nobody has great, gushing love for Carole James anymore between the "bush league" scarves, the fake petition and the Negative Destructive Pessimistic campaign of 2009.

Right now, though a new dawn has broken has it not?

I am quite disappointed that Carole chose to leave with such a bitter resignation. I can't understand why she accepts no blame. Those so called dissidents were keeping their argument with her in private and behind either caucus or provincial council doors. Carole and her advisers tore open the doors of closed sessions when they turned up in yellow scarves and buttons. I was there and I was not offered a scarf. I wouldn't have taken one but the point is they controlled who did not wear yellow. They were responsible for taking the argument public. Why the media insists it was otherwise is beyond me.

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