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Burnaby-Lougheed MLA Harry Bloy has been talked about as one of the provincial Liberal caucus members who will be supporting CKNW talk show host Christy Clark's bid to succeed Gordon Campbell. So it should come as no surprise that Mr. Bloy has sent out an invitation "to meet and greet Christy in person after her leadership announcement Wednesday Morning." This, according to an email obtained by Public Eye. That meet and greet event is scheduled to take place at Paros Teverna restaurant. The following is a complete copy of the aforementioned invite.


Should members of the BC Liberal party consider Christy Clark's connection to BC Rail when deciding if she is fit to lead the BC Liberals?

No disrespect meant, but it's hardly a ringing endorsement that Bloy is behind her. It does speak volumes about the lack of support she currently has amongst the sitting Liberals, many of whom worked with her when she was Deputy Premier and in cabinet.

In spite of Clark's connections and campaign machinery, she has a big uphill climb in this battle over Abbott and Falcon (shudder to think of that one in the Premier's chair).

And, as BC Liberal Leader (who is probably a paid hack for one of the other candidates) mentions, the BC rail connection & Clark stepping down in the midst of it all is sure to be an Achilles heel for her that the other candidates won't have to worry about.

Word of advice for Christy and her team. Make it clear you are opting for a "true transparent" government and this means Constituency offices too! Before any Lib MLA backs you, ask them first if they have anything against having their office books audited. A lot of tax payers money can be saved if you get rid of the swag and tax free bonuses given to MLA staff. The public is totally ignorant of it and it has to stop. Seniors are starving, cutting meds in half so that MLA staffers (friends)are being paid back for helping on campaigns. Look into this and you will be a star! Out these fatcats!

This is good news. If Clark wins, Bloy could be Deputy Premier and Finance Minister. That is the start of a strong team, or a small cabinet.

I really think most of the caucus will get behind the new leader, whomever that is. Especially Christy Clark.

See Christy Clark is the only one with net positive ratings in the latest poll... and if they want to keep their jobs come Spring 2013, they'll salute the old school's return to save The Cause and realize that Mr. Falcon is a good man but has the highest negatives outside of the Legislative Assembly (ibid).

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