Letter writing campaign

On the eve of CKNW host Christy Clark's announcement that she's running to succeed Gordon Campbell, Kevin Falcon's rival campaign is moving to make the case they have support from federal Liberals. Mr. Falcon reputation for being among the provincial Liberals' biggest carnivores is one of the principal knocks against his candidacy. But a letter signed by 11 Grits argues the former health services minister is a "socially progressive" candidate who has a "demonstrated ability to lead by doing what was right for our jobs and economy." Among the more prominent signatories are former federal Liberal British Columbia president Celso Boscariol and Bruce Young, who co-chaired the national party's 2008 election campaign in this province. The following is a complete copy of that letter.



It's getting so that you can't tell a FedCon from a FedLib around here without a program.

(at least not without a PublicEye program that is)


I want to care, but I can't get over the jubilation and sheer unadulterated bliss that Campbell quit!!

Martin, want more Gordon Campbell? Support Kevin Falcon.

Want some roses and sunshine and even more glory and honour? Support "Queen Christy" Clark.

Want to waste your time and support? Support somebody else. Hey, I supported Mary Polak for the longest time...

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