Clark picks her starting lineup

CKNW talk show host Christy Clark"s provincial Liberal leadership campaign team is taking shape. Former government caucus communications director Mike McDonald and former Social Credit election candidate Sharon White will be co-chairing that campaign, while GCI Group senior counsel Ken Boessenkool will be its manager. Ms. Clark will officially enter the leadership race tomorrow.


Christy Clark also has incredible air support from DraftChristy & ChristyClarkFan - both on Twitter & YouTube. We are ready, aye, ready to kick the tires and light the fires to beat the bullies up and give the bullies their own medicine back at 'em... and Mr. Falcon is a great man & father, not a NDP bully.

Looking at the political scene in British Columbia:
The BC Liberals are renewing themselves in an orderely way, the NDP on the other hand are proving that they can not even manage a caucus of 34 MLA's never mind governing for 4 million people. The choice is clear!

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