An outsider's race to lose?

Provincial New Democrat leader Carole James's political body isn't even cold and already lists are being made of the supposed frontrunners who could succeed her. But most of them have left at least some blood on the floor during the recent infighting that resulted in Ms. James's resignation. That means an outsider might stand a considerably better chance of reuniting the caucus and, as a result, winning the party's leadership. But the New Democrats won't want to go too far afield, preferring candidates who can prove some kind of genetic link to Tommy Douglas. So a sitting or former federal parliamentarian, union leader or mayor connected to the party could be the best bet to succeed Ms. James. Indeed, most caucus insiders - whether they be loyalists or dissenters - would be well-advised to sit this race out. Not that they'll take it...

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Maybe Gordon Campbell could be recruited to become the next NDP leader. The NDP believe in taxing people to death so surely the father of the HST in BC would be a natural leader. Just trying to help!

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