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Like any other media outlet, Public Eye accepts advertising from those who want to reach its influential audience of political decision and opinion-makers. This presently includes spots promoting provincial New Democrat legislator Guy Gentner's radio show, as well as Liberal leadership candidate Kevin Falcon's campaign. In addition, Public Eye - which receives thousands of unique visitors each day - accepts reader donations. Unfortunately, those donations don't cover the cost of running an independent investigative news service. Public Eye has been delivering such coverage for the past seven years, providing readers with scoops you won't read anywhere else. But this can't continue without a cash flow. As such, Public Eye welcomes ad buys from all parts of the political spectrum - as well as contributions from those who have come to rely on this service for in-depth reporting of provincial politics.


Well if anybody wants to grouse about you making money, I hope they're BCNDP goose-steppers because I would flame on here in the comments section as hot as a turbofan in afterburner! We need you to keep them politicians honest :-).

The Kevin Falcon ads will not overcome his record as one of Gordon Campbell's attack dogs or his ineffectiveness as a Minister.

As Premier Mr Falcon will do a great job and as a member of Cabinet he has been one of the best. As for the NDP they are a joke through and through.

Kevin Falcon is Mr. Second Best... to Christy Clark, that is. He is a great QP performer up there w/ Mary Polak and helped build BC's great new infrastructure & ferries instead of a PacifiCatastrophe. That said, he's not as popular as Queen Christy.

I do hope Mr. Falcon is man enough to tell these minyons of his threatening doom and quitting the team if Christy Clark wins to "get stuffed". As a Christy Clark supporter... so what if Falcon wins? It's not BCNDP sitting in government again in our lifetimes and he's not a social conservative, just another Polak-esque doctrinaire libertarian.

It's clear to me that falcon knows the blogs that people read. If he wants to spend his money showing pictures of his kid, well go for it. Do most of us buy his line of BS, well the answer is most likely no

Falcon is about as nasty and partisan as they come. He is so close to Campbell that it was hard to tell the difference: a real Mini Me. I reckon he will take the leadership and nothing could make me happier. He will not be able to shake Gordon Campbell from his back and that will make it a much easier task for the NDP to defeat the Libs next time round.

The more advertising the better!

In fact, is there a better way for all those BC Lib leader candidates to spend out their $450,000 than to shovel it Public Eye's way?

Speaking of which.....Who was it again that told us about the massive increase in spending allowed by each candidate?

Give up?


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