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James: "I'll be stepping down..." from Sean Holman on Vimeo.

As we predicted and recommended, Carole James has resigned as leader of the provincial New Democrats. The framing surrounding that resignation has already begun. So take a look for yourself and decide what you think about that announcement.


The hard left NDP members of her caucus just did not want her to dare reach out to business, they won. The now left left NDP should just rename the party the Union Party.

The hard left NDP members of her caucus just did not want her to dare reach out to business, they won. The now left left NDP should just rename the party the Union Party.

Her statement of resignation was as inept as the rest of her leadership -- and thus further proof that she was not suited to the role as leader.

I wish Carole well at this time. She did great work... for the BCLibs, for YouTube, and for those who wanted to be mean to Gordon Muir Campbell.

Good riddance. It's time for a new leader. Somebody who can handle social media, not end up being a Mary Polak splash target, not tempt Alise Mills to strategize a snap election, a moderate like who Mike the BCLobbyist calls for on CKNW and will terrify the BCLibs because he or she's not anti-business.

Excuse me, but the references to "bullies" and the comments about "no excuse for not getting work done", ruined this oportunity to bow out with dignity. And do you really think there were only 13 who felt she should go? Maybe only 13 were vocal but others must have shared concerns about how she dealt with dissent. And surely she cannot believe she bears no blame for this. Truly sad.

I don't know how you can say that the "13" are hard left. To quote Bob Simpson "They're all over the place with ideology.." Just look at their bios for pete's sake. This comment is just as stale as the dissidents were all "sexist" until Katrine resigned with the other women by her side.

One can only wonder if some of the folks who will apply for the job, were standing next to James, all with very sad, grim looks but laughing inside. Her comments about bullying was simple stupid as the one doing the bullying was her. "They will be held responsible for their actions, lines in the sand and so on. Why not do a Danny Williams and leave quickly and leave them laughing. I am willing to bet ten bucks she will not hang around till the next election as a member in the back of the opposition side of the house.

This was one of the most graceless resignation speeches I have ever watched. Kicking Bob Simpson out of caucus was a tremendous political blunder and led directly to the caucus revolt. That she took no ownership of this is further evidence of her unsuitability as a leader. @BCLobbyist

Well, enough of the spitting on her face. She made the right decision to step down, finally. 'graceless', but for who I wonder. Well, everyone of course, but this IS real life, right? There is no grace in politics; what's the middle term between ass kisser and ass kicker? Oh, two faced hypocrite. See, there's no grace there, only vitriol. Villainize or glorify. Don Cherry here I come. X-D

I agree with Mike. The bully was Carole and her thugs. Trying to manipulate Sean the Great, smearing Lana Popham which only the deprived could do, refusing responsibility for her hands in this glorious BCNDP implosion, the list goes on.

But hey, who cares about Carole the Victoria Schoolyard Bully? She's being chased off of Stage Centre. Not by some Triple Sixers rogue drafted by CBC Casting...

Nope, Queen Christy of BC is chasing this piece of work off... 0830 Westwingday... party time!

Ooooh. The vitriolic James haters out in full force.

Shame on those 13 MLAs who think this palace coup is something to crow about. Happy with your mud-slinging dirty tricks outcome?

Great at tearing things down, not so good at building things up. They have just cost the NDP the next election.

Honorable words from a shill for Clark. X-D

Let's have some honesty. Jenny Kwan called for a leadership convention. If Carole had the support she claims to have, why was she afraid of the membership ballot box?

The gang of 13 have made themselves untouchables. No one likes them or will want them part of their leadership campaign. As Keith Baldrey suggested tonight, Jenny Kwan will probably get booed at any NDP gathering. These 13 have a lot of amends to make. I suggest the new leader should immediately make it clear to them that he/she won't tolerate their rubbish anymore.

This video shows one of the better parting shots from an elected official in recent memory. It reminds me of the famous quote by Dick Nixon after he lost the 1962 California governor election:

I leave you gentleman now and you will write it. You will interpret it. That's your right. But as I leave you I want you to know — just think how much you're going to be missing. You won't have Nixon to kick around any more, because, gentlemen, this is my last press conference and it will be one in which I have welcomed the opportunity to test wits with you.

The provincial council of the BC NDP has a lot of explaining to do. I'm not a member of the party, but I assume it is up to them to initiate a leadership review when needed, and it was needed after the results of the last election were finalized. Carole's upside had reached her pinnacle and the only way to go was down, or at best remain stagnent.

If they had done what they should have then maybe the dog and pony show that erupted this last while could have been avoided. It's natural for a leader to see themselves through rose-coloured glasses, especially when his or her minions are always in the position of lauding their every move lest they be relegated to purgatory.

A leadership convention could well invigorate the party, and if there are some sitting NDP MLAs cannot work with the new leader, then I'm sure they will be looking elsewhere for employment.

OK JENNY KWAN and the dissidents, Carole has gone as leader. If KWAN was doing this on behalf of the party she should now resign and make it easier for the party to come together.

I doubt very much that Kwan will be booed. James et al ignored the grassroots of the party and blundered onward -- into oblivion. Most wanted Carole to resign after the last election and were saddened and frustrated that she stubbornly held on. Her resignation was a bitter reminder that she had lost all touch with people in her party. She should have gone a year ago; even those on her side knew that but were afraid to say so.

The party is now in a better position to win an election...now that the right wing has hopefully lost control...they need to be clear that social policy is front and foremost...that pandering to big business is over and representing the majority of people in this province has begun...

Messy, sloppy, fumbling and bumbling.

NDP do NOT ***k this up!

Campbell has practically handed you the election on a silver platter. For the love of dog, please do something right and elect a real leader this time. Oh and a platform would be nice too.

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