James resigns as provincial New Democrat leader

Carole James has resigned as leader of the provincial New Democrats. In a scrum with reporters, Ms. James suggested she was bullied from caucus by the 13 dissident MLAs. She also said she doesn't think she bears any responsibility for the infighting that resulted in her decision to step aside. Public Eye will be posting further details on this development throughout the day.


Wow! That's a heck of a story!

a) Lana Popham a bully by association? Have you watched her in QP take on the BCLibs and keep control & poise compared to so many of the BCNDP MLAs?

b) Why am I not surprised that once again Carole James is contributing for the infighting and playing victim to the end?

c) I fully expect the BCNDP to keep infighting for a long, long time. Go BCLibs Go!

As usual it's not Carole's fault, its somebody else. The woman was "Bullied" yet she was the one who drew a line in the sand, all would be made accountable etc". Best thing to happen to the NDP since Gordo decided to step down. Hope she took Moe with her

Carole deserves a lot of respect for making what must have been a very difficult decision.

So the hard left socialist/ union loving MLA's have forced James from office for daring to reach out to business. This circus of a party will be lucky to still be alive in a year and British Columbia will be better off without them.

Sean, it's pretty clear that when you called on Ms. James to resign in your post of yesterday (Sunday, December 5,) she realized she had no other choice. What's next on the agenda?

Had Carole gone to her caucus after she lost the last election, and had a discussion about her continued leadership, she would have avoided this mess. For her to decide, on her own, that she would continue was a big mistake. The signal was clear to caucus: they were not part of the decision making process.

It became clear after recent events that her leadership was doomed. It would have been just as clear in May 2009 that she should leave, but she didn't bother to ask anyone if they still wanted her to lead.

That she still refused to take any responsibility for the mess, is more evidence of her lack of leadership. Someone must have told her she had two options: leave on her own, or be pushed. It was likely labour and a few of her supporters that told her they would start pushing if she didn't start leaving.

If the NDP replaces Carole James with someone from the hard left, it is doomed.

What I find funny is that people are accusing the "13 dissidents" of being hardline unionists, yet it seems Moe Sihota and Ms. James had no problem with accepting Union money to pay the NDP Presidents salary. Something Ms. Kwan indicated as being both unknown to the rest of caucus, and unacceptable to her.

I think it all boils down to a Party Leader who never really had the full confidence of either the MLAs or the public, plus a Party who in general is still trying to find its way.

I hope the leadership race starts soon. Maybe two simultaneous leadership campaigns, that will be forced to flush out their policies more than bashing the "other guy", will be exactly what BC Politics needs to get people interested, and voting again.

Interesting times!

Okay, I am a Christy Clark supporter thanks to her pink shirts. So I want to tread acutely carefully here.

But I want to define bullying for the record. According to Wikipedia, "Bullying is a form of abuse. It involves repeated acts over time attempting to create or enforce one person's (or group's) power over another person (or group) , thus an "imbalance of power". The "imbalance of power" may be social power and/or physical power. ... Research indicates that adults who bully have personalities that are authoritarian, combined with a strong need to control or dominate. It has also been suggested that a prejudicial view of subordinates can be particular a risk factor."

That doesn't like dissidents who tried to keep why the Caucus Whip internal as well as nobly attempted to force Carole James to step down without this glorious chaos feast.

I don't know whether or not the reason some in the Party wanted James out was her centrist view. There is nothing fundamentally wrong with a such a position when the opponent is so decidedly right wing as the BC Liberals. And staking out the left of centre position worked for years in Manitoba and Saskatchewan, where the people were served by good government with good social policy.

But I do know this: for the years that she was leader, there was no well-articulated set of policies that made me want to vote for her, as opposed to voting against the Libs.

I believe she was unelectable. And I am sure she heard this behind closed doors for years from her party.

The NDP needs to win the next election. Now they have a chance.

Hope all you Carole bashers are happy now. Nice job, tearing the Party apart.

What have you got to offer by way of rebuilding the Party?

Interesting to hear that Harry Lali is considering running for NDP leader. It would be interesting to hear what the past five former NDP leaders( Harcourt/ Clark/ Millar/ Dosangh & James )think of this. I would say that they still all have kniives in their backs with Harry's initals on them.

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